Wireless Fire Alarm System

Wireless Fire Alarm System Products offers a fire safety solution that is flexible, reliable, and cost-effective than none other. They can be customized for a wide range of applications and installed anywhere without using expensive FRLS cables. Wire-Free installations are highly suitable for most larger commercial buildings, schools, residential apartments, office complexes and are ideal for upgrading the fire alarm system in the existing buildings.


Addressable Wireless Fire Alarm Panel

Addressable Wireless Fire Alarm Control Panel is the core component of the Fire Detection system. Our panel uses state-of-the-art RF wireless communication technology for communication bundled with self-test and supervisory features. PTS-eX Series of Wireless Addressable Fire Alarm Control panels is engineered for residential, commercial, and industrial applications with features that minimize installation cost and time. Touch Screen TFT further simplifies the system operation, installation, and maintenance.


Addressable Wireless Smoke Detector

Addressable wireless smoke detector is a 9V battery-operated Photoelectric Smoke Detector with built-in RF transmitter that utilizes mesh topology ensuring safe and reliable Wireless Communication. The detector is intended to be used with  Wireless Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel and other compatible devices.


Addressable Wireless Manual Call Point

Manual alarm call points are designed for the purpose of triggering an alarm manually in the event of a fire or any other emergency by operating the push button. Wireless Addressable Manual Call Point is powered by a 9V battery and incorporates a protective cover for accidental activation.


Addressable Wireless Hooter

Addressable Wireless Hooter is designed to provide alarm notification signals in the event of Fire / Emergency reported to the Control panel from Wireless Smoke Detector/Manual Call Points. Featuring a very loud alarm, the device also includes in-built battery backup. The signal strength of the device can be extended further using Wireless Signal Extenders.